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Local Governance



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WOBA Cambodia Partnership Structure: Lessons learnt from the Mid-Term Evaluation

Although there are differences between provinces in terms of the partnership structure and line of a...

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Summary report of the Mid-Term Evaluation of WOBA Cambodia

This report summarises the findings of the mid-term evaluation of WOBA Cambodia. The evaluation asse...

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End-line Evaluation Report for Women-Led Output-Based Aid (WOBA) Cambodia

The evaluation report focuses on all aspects of the project programming, including sanitation, piped...

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Report of the endline evaluation of Women-Led Output-Based Aid (WOBA) Vietnam

The purpose of the Endline Evaluation is to assess the WOBA project using the OECD Development Assis...

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Mid-term Review Report: Women-Led Output-Based Aid (WOBA) Vietnam

This report presents and discusses the findings of the mid-term evaluation of WOBA Vietnam. The eval...

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WOBA Viet Nam partnership structure. Lessons learned from the Mid-term Review

The partnership structure of WOBA follows the government political structure to execute implementati...